April’s EPIC Review

Hello Everyone,

As part of a course discussion forum, we were asked to view both versions of a vidcast on EPIC and compare the content by answering some questions. You too can access the vidcasts here: http://epic.makingithappen.co.uk/

I felt that this is something – these films and my views on it- might be interesting to some of you in this cyber world and am wondering what others might think about this all. Any comments or replies may be directed to my email or under comments if allowed ( not sure if I have that WP piece figured out yet).

Here is my view of what I seen and heard on these vidcasts, which served as my post to the class discussion forum for feedback as well. Enjoy!

Well, after watching both versions the following is my impression of these vidcasts -one thing is certain-the narrators tone and speed, about put me to sleep, even with its interesting content!

On a serious note it sounds largely like an advertisement for Google and it fails to mention countless other e-explosions that have made major impacts on our worlds. I personally have never heard the terms Googlezon or friendster. In the second one it mentions pinki using gps and that seems kind of cool. I feel that the phrase about New York Times being in print only for the elite and elderly is quite wrong too and I am curious as to how much of the personalized combined news generated completely by computers is actually fact or fiction…can computers tell the difference?

In reference to the previous comment about books being lost like the stone tablets it is a bit far- fetched though not that unimaginable. Truth is however books are material possessions and what is on the internet is merely digital unless everything were printed. Since that is far from the case I feel that books may last, as they certainly have proven to do so, many centuries and well the Web is forever changing and forever in jepardy. Who knows if there will even continue to be an internet in even the near future. So in this respect I value books over the net any day and they are as have been quoted by many…timeless. This doesn’t mean that I don’t value all that has become of the Web, all that it has given to us users, and doesn’t say I don’t value all that I have gained and will gain from it’s existance. I’m just merely giving my opinion here.

Anyway, I did find it interesting but boring and feel it just missed the mark in really proving how valuable and powerful the online is to us all. I think more could be done to improve this and well, that’s all for now.

April Tupper


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