Our New Christmas Tradition

When you feel hopeless and feel you have nothing to give, think again and look within, and then let the giving begin.

All week my 10-year-old twins and I have been busy making homemade christmas ornaments, singing christmas songs, gathering unused word puzzles, and planning our new christmas tradition. This year I wanted my boys and I to give a little differently – without any concerns for receiving anything in return. It all began when we had been talking last week about the three of us volunteering at the Tomah Care Center. Beginning the first week of January 2012 we plan to help out on bingo and game nights. We thought about what we could do for the residents for christmas. The boys decided that for christmas we could take the items we’ve collected and made and could sing carols to the residents. I thought this was a great idea. Then I had an additional idea as I drove home from work yesterday so I told them and they happily accepted the task.

So today we made a visit to the Serenity House (A home for those who are in the end stages of a terminal illness) in Tomah, Wisconsin. My 10-year-old niece and my 7  year old nephew joined us. They each gave every resident and staff member a homemade and handpicked ornament/gift, a christmas snack item, and  we sang christmas songs. They loved the gifts and the performances and we left knowing that some hearts had been warmed and all had smiles on their faces. It was a great feeling and I am thankful to have great boys willing do this with me – I don’t think I could have without them.

Tomorrow following school we are making a trip to do the same for the residents at the Tomah Care Center. The kids are excited to do it and spent much of the night planning the songs that they will sing.  It makes my heart full and brings tears to my eyes to have such wonderful caring kids. I have been blessed in so many ways and am so thankful. I am so proud of my boys and my niece and nephew and hope that they will be as eager to do this next year as this is surely a tradition I aim to continue.


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