Buyers Wanted

I have many things that I have collected and acquired over the years and though I enjoy these things I am hoping to sell as many of them as possible in hopes to raise some money for my July 21st 2012 wedding!

I know the collections are a bit odd and quite random but here is a brief list of some of them along with some other items I am selling. Anyone interested should email me at


1996 Japanese, and Some other language Pokemon Cards (Best Offer)

Pre 1990 baseball and football cards (Best Offer)

Vintage Costume Jewelry (Best Offer)

Older Comic Books

1 pound of Wheat Pennies (Best Offer)

Antique Books (too many to list now but will list soon)

1971 Alabama Centennial Coin Set

1984 Ronald Reagan coin with certificate of authenticity

PS3 Slim (In the box it came in and controllers…works and reset to factory settings so just like new) asking $200 OBO

UDraw game and a Rock Band quitar for PS3

Black Glass TV stand for a big flat screen $150 OBO

Please Remember this list is only partial and to check back soon for pictures and updates!

Thank You


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  1. Pokemon MMO
  2. Pokemon Online

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