My Nephew Barely Survived Dog Attack Now Website Thread Making Fun of Him

A few days befor his 7th birthday my nephew nearly lost his life when he was severly attacked by a dog just over a week ago. He had to have immediate surgery, over 100 staples and stitches, in his face, neck, head, and to reattach his ear. He is healing and is has kept his smile but faces a long road ahead of him and will wear the scars for life and more surgeries. It has been a tramatic experience for all of us. A local newspaper printed an article with a picture. Today my sister, his mom, called me and said a website is making fun of him, of what happened, and is bashing the family. Its one thing to comment, question, and debate dog issues but I was appalled and hurt at how this forumn had posted the Newspapers story and people were making my nephew the butt of their jokes. It didn’t allow replies or have a way to dislike or report them so I emailed the website and have asked that it be removed, that they appologize and make it known that this is wrong and hurtful. I am doubtful that anything will be done but I have it posted all over on twitter, facebook, news station websites, and to the newspaper. If anything it will raise awareness that freedom of speech doesn’t make these sort of comments right and in no way should what happened to my nephew, his injuries, health needs, or the situation to be laughed at, made fun of, or be disrespectful and just plain cruel. What if it was there son, nephew or loved one. This has really upset many of us who cherish this little guy and who see how strong he is and how much he will face from this nightmare. The link to the newspaper article is…19bb2963f4.html

 This is the website thread where people are making fun of him and this tragic experience

Anyone know how to help make this right?

April Tupper-Aunt of Dakota Carver


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  1. #1 by April Tupper on May 18, 2012 - 1:32 pm

    A bank account has been set up in my nephews name: Dakota Carver, for anyone who wishes to send monetary donations for him at the First Bank of Tomah Wisconsin. Thank You! April Tupper-Dakota’s Aunt

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