The following link takes you to a document containing my goals and mission statement which were completed for a couse I took last year.


These are current goals that I set for myself.

My Top 4 Long-Term Goals

  1. To finish paying the remaining amount owed for my mobile home within the next 5 years. I will continue to make the arranged and budgeted monthly amount, as well as put forth several additional payments throughout each year to accomplish this goal. At the start of each year I will revisit the family budget assess progress and make any adjustments that will benefit this goal. Paying off the mobile home will open up the next opportunity to plan and purchase another, slightly newer, mobile home.
  2. To purchase 5 acres of land using a down payment of no less than $2,000 out in the country to place our mobile home on within 6 years. This will require me to set up a separate savings account specifically for this goal. This will allow for a way to monitor and measure progress towards owning the land. It will also serve as a deterrent for problems relating to the spending of the money on other less important matters. Achieving this goal and my first goal will allow me to achieve my ultimate life goal of providing for and leaving something behind for my children so that they may have a better chance of a successful life.
  1. Open up my own critter center within the next ten years. This will require a well written strategic business plan, investment money, critters, supplies, and a place to conduct business. It will require obtaining knowledge in the areas necessary to complete this goal, as well as the education needed to be competent in the critter’s care. Reading, researching, and seeking input form relative professionals will also be important steps to success.
  1. Start up a foundation to help local needy families within the next 5 to 10 years. To achieve this goal I will need to seek out advice, knowledge, and support. I will need to create a business plan and will need to begin establishing networks of people to communicate with to provide services. Establishing a foundation will make me feel great inside, will help people find resources that will hopefully aid them in achieve economic stability and their own goals.

My Short Term Goals

  1. Graduate with a business management degree within 2 years through attending class, completing assignments on time, participating in class, and commitment. It will require me to keep my goals in mind and complete steps to succeed.
  1. To maintain a GPA of no less than 3.0 by following good time management practices to complete assignments on time and receive good grades. It will also require me to attend class, participate, and a positive attitude. I will know I have achieved this goal at the end of each semester but will monitor it by communicating to the instructors throughout the semester and when I graduate.
  1. To do fun activities/outings with the kids at least 3 times a month outside of ordinary activities such as roller or ice skating, Movie Theater, or visiting a zoo/museum. Prior planning and budgeting will be necessary to accomplish this including researching, reserving, and saving for each activity at least one month in advance. Being successful at this goal is important to the relationship, influence, and is part of my desire and expectations of the kind of quality upbringing I provide for my children. It will also make them smile and bring forth happy memories to us all.
  1. To spend at least 2 full days of quality, child free, time every month with my boyfriend. To achieve this goal will require prior planning and possibly saving at least one month in advance. This will include locating and securing a sitter, a backup sitter, brainstorming from my boyfriend and I on places or ideas on how we’d like to spend our time, as well as, reserving the date and time on the calendar and at the place attending if necessary. Doing this will help keep our relationship and our peace of mind and will also ward off stress.
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